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"New Texian Brewery is a Home Brewery in Texas aspiring to become a microbrewery some day. We’re interested in networking with other brew fanatics. New Texian Brewery’s beverages cannot be purchased, as it is currently a Home Brew operation. However, friends of the home brew operation are able to enjoy the refreshments at any time by simply asking for a bottle or two. “Texian” is the term the original residents of the Republic of Texas used in order to refer to themselves – when Texas was a sovereign group of individuals. To me, it brings to mind the independence, self-sufficiency and “Liberty or Death” mentality that is lacking in today’s culture, even in Texas. I define myself as a Liberty Lover and this endeavor is a reflection of my views on living free. I belong to a new generation of Texians. Hence… New Texian Thanks for visiting. Ron Lennex – Proprietor"






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